interlocking rock blocks

Introducing InterlockingRock® BLOCKS by modularArts®. Stacked along with standard steel studs at 24" centers, they create fully dimensional, double-sided, rock walls. Our proprietary InterlockingRock® feature precisely aligns all sides for super fast installation. And as with all our products, you can breathe easy —blocks are composed of cast rock with a class A foam core, for healthy, fire-safe walls.
U.S. Patent 8,375,665

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Sculptural Screen Walls
Highly dramatic, full-round partition walls add character to any new or existing space. Blocks fit together accurately for precise alignment and fast installation.

The Block
is Back

Durable cast rock
exterior & lightweight
class A foam
core for healthy
air quality and
superior fire safety.

Quality materials,
efficient manufacturing,
innovative design. the U.S.A.

Dramatic screen walls for modern interiors are created by modularArts® gypsum cement blocks. You've seen these stunning cement block accent walls in modern hotel interiors, restaurant interiors, office interiors, and homes. Rock-hard and durable, these solid screen walls impart a sculptural elegance to any interior design. ...

Blocks create solid 3-dimensional screen walls, not flimsy hanging screens. The lightweight cement blocks are assembled in a similar way to building a partition wall. Steel studs are added every 24", and are entirely concealed within the block cavities. This makes for a solid, architectural screen wall that allows varying degrees of visibility, light and air to pass between spaces. The cement blocks create a completely dimensional wall on both sides.

Seamless 3d walls are achieved by accurate, interlocking alignment. Registration tabs in the blocks create accurate alignment as they are assembled into the screen wall.

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BLOCK SIZE: 32" H x 24" W by 5-8" D max. relief

WEIGHT: Approx. 9 lbs. per square foot (less than most glass blocks)

COLOR: Natural white, painted any color

MATERIAL: Cast rock with lightweight soy-based core

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