interlocking rock panels

modularArts® InterlockingRock® PANELS are dimensional panels that work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted sculptural wall. The proprietary, steel-reinforced joints interlock to ensure accurate panel-to-panel alignment and superior joint stability. Cast of mineral, they're durable, safe and healthy.

And you can breathe easy — panels are composed of glass reinforced cast rock with a class A foam core, for healthy, fire-safe walls. Low VOC installation kits ensure the use of responsible, tested installation materials. Panel size (32" by 32") is designed for less waste in off-cuts, easier handling, less costly shipping, and less crating waste.

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Cast Rock.
Sounds heavy, but it's not! Multiple layers of gypsum
with a glass fiber matrix
create a strong, flexible, and lightweight panel.

Panels "snap" into place
for fast alignment in all dimensions. Steel reinforced registration tabs ensure time-proven, steadfast joints.


Enough flexibility to
conform to irregular wall surfaces... yet super-
hard and smooth with an "alpha" gypsum surface.

With ten years and 750,000 panels and tiles worldwide, we know your order will arrive safe, sound, and on time.


PANEL SIZE: 32" H x 32" W by 1" D max. relief
for most designs

WEIGHT: all designs excluding mudd:
1.4 lbs. per square foot (+/- .5 lbs)
mudd: 3.0 lbs. per square foot (+/- .5 lbs.)

MATERIAL: High density, glass-fiber reinforced alpha gypsum with a lightweight class A foam core.

COLOR: Painted any color

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